Quality in the company and products

Constant process of investment and modernization

With ample space, we are in constant process of investment in the latest equipment, training, inclusions, arts development in addition to a modern and equipped quality control department. In order to monitor the big growth of the market in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. 

Focused on what happens in this market, we are increasing every year new production lines and currently we have a production capacity exceeding 150 million per year tubes. 

The exclusive commitment of our organization to this activity, plus the manufacture of products with international quality results in our industry modernity, and guarantees our goal of total quality.

Tubes with guaranteed quality

Modern manufacturing process, quality materials and results control

The aluminum tubes are made from selected  discs of aluminum with 99.7% purity according to European standards, they protect and preserve the contents of their containers, preventing the sunlight passage, moisture and impurities providing impermeability and excellent barrier to the air and light entry.

The aluminum tubes do not have "memory effect" which causes the return of air into the package and could oxidize and degrade the contents. The sum of these features allows to maintain the quality of the packaged product, even for periods of continuous use.

Our manufacturing process undergoes a strict quality control in order to meet the needs of security and quality demanded by our customers. Tests are performed on all raw materials, packaging (aluminum discs, varnishes, paints, sealants, closures, etc..).

The tubes are routed with certificate of analysis, where the features and the tests results of that specific batch are clearly described.

Production process
Know the stages of production of aluminum tubes and a bit of our quality control.