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Aluminium tubes

About the packaging and material

The aluminum tubes are made from selected  discs of aluminum with 99.7% purity according to European standards,providing impermeability and excellent barrier to the air and light entry. The sum of these features allows to maintain the quality of the packaged product, even for periods of continuous use.

The inviolability is another attribute of the aluminum tubes, any change in the filling is easily detected by its perfect closure and membrane in its beak.

The interior is covered with epoxy-phenolic or pigmented lacquers to ensure the purity and the products appreciation.


Now see why choosing Bisnago

  • Impervious to water or moisture; 
  • It brings total barrier to oxygen and light; 
  • There is odorless properties;
  • It displays flexibility, no return of oxygen; 
  • It ensures more stability for your product; 
  • It is recyclable and has no loss of properties; 
  • It is practical, and environmentally friendly.

Capacity x Diameter

To know more, please contact our sales or technical field

We are a capable company to produce aluminum tubes with varied diameters and lengths.

Min to Max Min to Max
Ø22 100 a 155 28,5 a 44,2
Ø25 110 a 160 40,5 a 60,7
Ø28 110 a 165 50,8 a 73,8
Ø30 120 a 180 63,6 a 95,4

Production process
Know the stages of production of aluminum tubes and a bit of our quality control.